Última versión disponible: Versión iie12_192 (9/5/2019)

SimSEE viie12_192 (WIN64) (LNX64) (Fuentes)

Installation procedure from the binaries:

Step 1) You must create the following folder tree.
{$ home}/SimSEEbin
{$ home}/SimSEEcorridas
{$ home}/SimSERun

Where {$ home} is "C:" if you are on Windows and {$ home} is your user folder if you are on Linux.

Step 2) Download the corresponding binaries (WIN64 for Windows) or (LNX64 for Linux) and unzip its contents in the binaries folder {$ home}/SimSEEbin

If you want to compile the binaries yourself, you must:
Step 1) Install the Lazarus Pascal development environment (
Step 2) Download the fonts and unzip them in the folder
{$ home}/SimSEE/SimSEE_src/src/trunk
Step 3) Run the makeall.bat or script (depending on whether it is on Windows or Linux) found in the folder
{$ home}/SimSEE/SimSEE_src/src/trunk