Last binaries:

Installation procedure from the binaries:

Step 1) You must create the following folder tree.

Where {$HOME} is "C:" if you are on Windows and {$HOME} is your user folder if you are on Linux.

Step 2) Download the corresponding binaries (WIN64 for Windows) or (LNX64 for Linux) and unzip its contents in the binaries folder {$HOME}/SimSEE/bin

Attention: The application is for a user on a computer and is not suitable for a multi-user terminal environment working on the same installation on a shared disk. This is so, because during file editing and during execution, temporary files will be written that would be overwritten if several users share the same installation.

If you want to compile the binaries yourself, you must:
Step 1) Install the Lazarus Pascal development environment (
Step 2) Download the sources from the svn repository:
svn checkout svn:// {$HOME}/SimSEE/SimSEE_src/src/trunk
Step 3) Run the makeall.bat or script (depending on whether it is on Windows or Linux) found in the folder

Example files.

BPS50 hydraulic flow, weekly mean, time series for AnalisisSerial (aquí).
Hourly sampling time series for a wind farm (aquí).
Test01 time series (aquí).