SimSEE is a platform for the Simulation of Electric Power Systems. As such, it allows the creation of customized simulators of a generation system, for its application both in the long term (Investment Planning) and in the short term (System Operation and Market Simulation).

SimSEE allows the different participants of the market (or Electrical System) to simulate the future operation of the system by incorporating various types of forecasts, such as renewable energy generation, electricity demand, future technology and fuel prices, international exchanges, etc.

The different users can thus analyze, with detailed statistical information, the evolution of variables of interest, such as the volumes of energy and money exchanged by each participant with the market, the profitability of specific projects and price and risk calculations for the design of contracts.
Who uses SimSEE?
Big consumers
Energy Traders
TSO and DSO Companies
Administrators and Operators
Regulators and Energy Agencies

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