SimSEE is a platform for Simulation of Electrical Energy Systems. As such, it allows the creation of custom simulators for any given generation system, simply by adding the different types of Actors (thermal, wind, solar and hydraulic generators, demand, interconnections, etc.) to a Play-Room (simulation environment) . These Actors behave in the Room according to their type.

SimSEE is 100% programmed with Object Oriented technology which makes it easy to incorporate new models (types of Actors). Since the creation of the platform, an important variety of models have been incorporated according to the needs of different user groups.

SimSEE was developed in the Open-Source modality by the Electrical Engineering Institute of Uruguay. The main objective was to have an open source tool for free use for academic and research purposes. As such, it is a platform that groups together a set of classic tools for the optimization of stochastic dynamic systems, to which innovative developments, results of different research projects, are added.

To simulate the optimal operation of an Electrical Energy System, SimSEE solves the problem of Dynamic Stochastic Programming obtaining as a result an Optimal Operation Policy. Using that Policy, different realizations of the stochastic processes (chronicles or possible histories of the future of the system) are simulated.

Since 2010, SimSEE has become the tool commonly used in Uruguay to simulate the operation of the energy system, mainly due to the good stochastic models developed for the modeling of wind and solar energy. These models achieve an adequate representation of them both in the long term (Investment Planning) and in the short term (System Operation).

Historical review

The heart of the SimSEE platform was developed at the Institute of Electrical Engineering (IIE) of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay within the framework of the PDT-47/12 technological development project with IDB financing. The project involved the work of 2 engineers for 18 months and was completed in November 2007.

Since then, the platform has been continuously improved thanks to the financing of projects under the Energy Sector Fund of the ANII National Research and Innovation Agency (PR_FSE_2009-18: "SimSEE platform improvements", ANII- FSE-1-2011-1-6552: "Modeling of autochthonous energies in SimSEE" and ANII-FSE_1_2013_1_10957: "Optimizer of LNG shipment purchasing agendas for Uruguay").